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Sima Shahabi

Faculty : Faculty of Medicine

Department :Department of Pharmacology and Physiology

Babol University of Medical Sciences

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1. 12th Iranian Congress of Toxicology , sari , 2013

Hosseinpour Y. Interaction of Memantine with Homocysteine on the Apoptosis in the Rat Hippocampus cells . , Poster, [Ataie A. Ataee R. Shadifar M. Shahabi S. Aghajanpour M. Hosseinpour Y. ]


2. - 13th Annual research of congress of Iran’s medical sciences students Babol 9-12 October 2012. , Babolsar , 1391

Central effects of camphor on GnRH and sexual hormones in male rat , Poster, [sima shahabi........ ]


3. 2nd National & 1st international congress on " Cellular & Molecular Advances in Noncontagious Diseases" , Cellular & Molecular Biology Research Center of Babol University , 2011

Role of camphor on sexual hormones and spermatogenesis in male rat , Poster, [Sima Shahabi,_, Jorsarai SG,_, Moghadam Nia AA,_,Barghi E,_, Zabihi E,_, Maliji G,_,Sohan Faraji A,_, Abdi Boora M,_, Ghazinejad N,_, Shamsai H ]


4. The 9th Iranian Congress of Biochemestry and the 2nd International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Shiraz ,_, Iran . , 2007

Effects of tomato juice on blood glucose level after aloxan injection in rat . , Poster, [Pour Amir M.,_,Abbaszadeh A.,_, Zandemami m.,_, Sima Shahabi ,_, Hajiahmadi m.,_, Samadi P. ]


5. The 18th Iranian Congress of Physiology & Phamacology , Mashhad ,_, Iran. , 2007

The effect of olive oil on gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats . , Poster, [Khastar H,_, Moghadam Nia AA,_, Pour Amir M,_, Sima Shahabi . ]


6. The 9th Iranian Congress of Nutrition , Tabriz ,_, Iran. , 2006

Effects of food diet of tomato and carrot juices on serum lipids in rat . , Poster, [Pour Amir M,_, Sajadi P,_, Sima Shahabi ,_, Rezai S,_, Samadi P. ]


7. The 14th Iranian Congress of Physiology & Phamacology , Tehran,_, Iran , 1999

Role of central noradrenergic system on LH secretion induced by excitatory amino acids ( EAA s) in female rat . , Oral, [Sima Shahabi ,_, Jorjani M. ]


8. The 6th International Congress of Endocrine Disorders (I.C.E.D. 6th ) , Tehran,_, Iran , 2001

Role of central noradrenergic system on FSH secretion induced by excitatory amino acid in rat . , Oral, [Sima Shahabi ,_, Moghadam Nia AA. ]